Tips for buyers

There are some very simple secrets to make your property look more attractive sale ....
External Prepare your Property

Create the first good impression

• Mow the lawn - if there is a garden.
• Make sure your garden is landscaped.
• Clean your yard of any debris
• Gather all the games your children from the garden.
• Repair the fence of the yard if you need repair
• Paint the.
• Present the external view of the house in very good condition ... it is the first impression you give.
• Clean the entrance of the courtyard and garage.
• Replace any broken windows and shutters.
• Clean and freshen the door.
• Be sure the door bell works.
• Clean the porch of the house.

Prepare your property interior

Make your home look clean and hospitable

• Walls should be clean, without signs and blackness.
• If it is impossible to clean the walls, then consider the freshen up.
• Examine the floors of the house and frames.
• Place the furniture in such a way that the rooms look spacious and larger.
• If you have some old and damaged furniture, then place them in a place not shown.
• Clean windows and shutters.
• Curtains should always show clean.
• The same applies to carpets and rugs
• Make sure the floors are in good condition.
• Replace any damaged handles on the doors of the house.
• Present your kitchen clean and tidy.
• Repair leaking taps in your kitchen.
• Clean and repair your old sinks.
• Make sure that your toilet is in good condition and clean.
• Check the plumbing and the toilet in your kitchen.
• Check the lighting of all areas of the house.
• Replace burned lamps.
• Repair the damaged switches.
• If there is a fireplace in the house to make sure everything is clean.
• Make sure the trash is always located outside the home.
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